The animation was composed and prepared in Quartz Composer, a specialized Apple application, which is used to test and demo the capabilities of the graphics card. We used Quartz Composer because it helps to quickly render visual results. Also the use of Quartz Composer allowed us to simultaneously work on the development and the design without having to wait on one another. Because Quartz Composer itself was not adequate enough to render the core part of the animation —a reverse explosion of the 500 portraits into a given structure— we developed a custom plugin for it. This plugin rendered the imploding cloud of 500 photos in OpenGL and used accelerated graphics techniques to make sure loading of the image textures onto the tiles was optimized and quickly enough to render the animation in FullHD at 25fps.

Because we managed to get this animation running so short after the taking of the photos, we ended up not only showing the implosion animation at the time it was requested by the client, but also leading up to this moment as an idle state sequence.