Together with Rafaël Rozendaal we developed Finger Battle, a really simple two player game on the iPhone. The screen is divided in two parts, one red, one blue. Players choose sides. When players start tapping on their side, that side grows, but only if they tap faster than their opponent. They beauty of this gameplay is that it is so simple, we almost needed no text or UI in the app and every users gets it immediately and wants to play more.

Because of Rafaël’s marketing efforts, who is an internationally invited media artist, the app quickly grew in popularity within a few weeks. Still, its breakthrough in the Netherlands was only after it was featured for 15 seconds on a Dutch prime-time television show, when Nalden showed it on “De Wereld Draait Door”.

Its success can also be measured by the number and speed of its copycats. Within 4 days after the iOS release there was already a copycat version available on Android. And another one quickly after that.