We code our own tools to write better code. Once you recognize the computer as the most remarkable tool ever and start discovering the techniques to make new tools with it, there is no stopping. You will want to innovate and improve these tools continuously.

Therefor we have software running that help development and track progress. We’re using nifty little applications that assist us to code better and faster. And we boost the tools we use, by writing our own additions and plugins.

Since code and its internal structure lies at the heart of a system, we believe that the design of that system and the design of the code is as important as the design of the interface. The design of the code can even be seen as a highly moral and political choice. Consequently these technical design decisions should be made with special care and as open and transparent as possible.

That is why we strongly favor open source software. We try to support and develop open source software as much as possible. And we support and organize open knowledge sharing initiatives, like Fritzing or META (Making Electronic Thingies in Amsterdam). Because we feel it is important, we as makers, share our research and our findings.

We also argue that good design in any field requires (at least some level of) technical fluency in that field –even if it is just to be able to build your own prototypes–. It should not come as a surprise that in the field of interaction design, this means the ability to write code.